Listen Online: shuts down – KBIA 91.3 Feature Story

Here’s the link to the story that the intrepid and amazingly immersive Sara Wittmeyer and I produced for KBIA.  It aired this afternoon on the Kevin Lorenz produced Under the Microscope sci/tech show.

The piece includes clips and interview with Matt Ivester , JuicyCampus’ CEO, that was done just a week or so ago, before the company folded.  It also features some proper start-up financing schoolin’ by Jim Spencer of

juicycampusThe story was supposed to be a feature-length profie of and its arguably deleterious effect on campus social civility, but we were rushed into production on a business and technology angle about how the market did what student councils and legal teams have been unable or unwilling to do – shut down a site that lends credence to John Gabriel’s G.I.F.T. theory (nsfw language).  I think the result is pretty good – a great deal of credit for that going to Sara Wittmeyer’s amazing speed and skill.

Anyway, we’ll have the promised unedited Ivester interview audio up on in the morning.  There’s a great moment when Sara asks him to explain the difference between himself and Joe Francis.  The response will be presented without comment.



5 responses to “Listen Online: shuts down – KBIA 91.3 Feature Story

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  2. That’s so awesome! Great work. You’re making me miss KBIA though.

  3. And now, when you go to, it takes you here: Interesting.

  4. The story was very well done.

  5. brianjosephlewis

    @Jackie – Thanks so much for the comment! I’m pretty proud of this story. Thanks!

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