Posting, not reporting, is what pays…?

Hat tip again to NYU’s enestimable Jay Rosen for tweeting to significance the following link.

assemblyftSo, it would seem that people traffic blogs based upon an editorial sensibility, rather than enterprise reportage.

What does it mean for those of us who are going to be the original content-gatherers?

I think I may have some salient comments from a corn farmer here in Mid-Missouri who was sick of being a “price-taker” in the agro-business economy and decided to innovate and industrialize.  I’m going to see if Gary saved my interview footage from Broadcast 1 class, and, if not, I’ll post this gentleman’s audio (I’ve been working with it for an upcoming series on innovative agricultural business models that I’m writing for KBIA 91.3).

Anyway, food for thought about making brain-food for others.


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