Trivia: ‘Stimulus Package’ pushes to 1st!

img003681A report from the trenches of the nerd wars.  The KBIA team, this week named “Stimulus Package”, managed to guess their way to an impressive tie for first place in Harpo’s weekly trivia tourney.

Guest genius, Jason Rosenbaum, resident Talking Politics commentor and formerly of the Columbia Tribune, assisted nobly.

This was yet another successful outing by the team that combines the skills of the news and music staff and students.


4 responses to “Trivia: ‘Stimulus Package’ pushes to 1st!

  1. Tie? You guys came in second due to a trivia-off, no? Stop obscuring the facts, Brian.

    Never Nudes proudly came in 20th.

  2. brianjosephlewis

    Hardly obscuring, considering the “trivia-off” was actually a speed walking contest instead of something sensible, like “closest guesstimate to the weight of the earth in kilograms”. It’d be like Alex Trebeck suddenly tearing off his face to reveal he’s really Mark Summers during Final Jeopardy.

  3. Whatever, what it all comes down to is this: who walked away with the $25 gift certificate?

  4. I think Stimulus Package did a pretty frickin’ good job. We only missed one question. We even got answered a question correctly about a John Travolta board game. It was fantastic.

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