Podcast – KBIA Newscast Self-Critique

kbia-log3I anchor the live Thursday afternoon newscasts for KBIA, the Columbia, Mo NPR affiliate.

This week I’m doubling up because I’m previously engaged this coming Thursday.

Here’s a link to the podcast of tonight’s 5:32 P.M. regional news update.

I wanted to mention three things about my performance:

1.  My main criticism of my live performance comes down to breathing at inopportune times.  It’s a concept we cover in class, and something I’m working to improve in practice.  The previous three broadcasts that night were markedly free of weird breathing breaks, though I did stumble at points, specifically over a particular sentence with about 6 hard “k’s” in sequence (my own oversight, but I’d managed to nail it in practice runs and was sort of up to the challenge…it just started to sound weird in my headphones).  I’m planning to take another voicing class before mid-semester to practice breathing big at the top and often at the periods, semi-colons and some commas only.

2.  I reported and wrote the lead story.  Instead of just reporting what the Trib was writing, I worked directly from the police report and took the question of a colleague “Why’d his friends get charged too?” as my angle.  I knew the answer from law school, but that did little good for the listener.  I put in a call to the assistant prosecutor, who got back to me just before I needed to write the 5:32 newscast.  I bumped another story, and wrote a narrative of what happened that night, trying to convert the police-report-ese to broadcast English.  The writing is just okay in my mind, maybe a bit wordy.

The prosecutor was very accomodating, and appreciated the fact that I was asking specific questions.  The interview lasted maybe three minutes.  The result is a newscast that provides the answer to the question that my colleague asked from the source who’s take on the legal proceedings matters.  It’s not feature-worthy or innovative, just solid.

3.  There was a cub scout troop visiting while I read that newscast and I’d really have liked to have been reporting just about anything else.


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