Tompkins on Pakistan

Sorry for the delay, but I’m attempting to export this blog to and seems to not want to give up control for some reason.

Anyway, my point about injecting what Tompkins calls “subjectivity” into the standup when one is accompanying the viewer through a computer-assisted technical and geographic lesson is the same reason that professors crack jokes and weathermen/women amp up their personalities.  A raised eyebrow at an approaching low pressure front can communicate as much to viewers as ten minutes of meteorological theory.  Sharing one’s honest emotional response to something unfamiliar to the viewer can guide them toward forming their own opinion about the subject matter.  It needn’t agree with yours, of course.  But, it clues people in on the fact that if they read as much as you probably have while preparing a story, they’d have an honest emotional reaction to seeing that Pakistan’s got no freaking roads, despite the fact they received $390 Million in aid from the U.S. last year, and we’re still having to drop para-troopers with night-vision into the hills.  It’s consternating for an informed Westerner to see how topography and ethnography have seemingly triumphed over indoor plumbing, women’s health and road-building science – and that’s what my face showed when I was embedded into Google for those 30 seconds or so.


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